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  1. Ivy Jamieson says:

    I was wanting to know , if the Doctor has a regular office practice, or does he just work for the Christian Health Center. I will be receiving insurance soon and I am looking for a PCP, I was wondering if you all could give me a little more information on doctors or nurse practitioners at any clinics in camden, that are accepting new patients. Thank you.

    • Our doctors volunteer at our clinic. They do have a regular practice at Ouachita Valley Family Clinic. Finding a new PCP is a problem in our community. The physicians in town are working hard to recruit new doctors to our area but they are competing with larger cities like Little Rock and Hot Springs. You can call Ouachita Valley Family Clinic at 870-836-8101 and ask to set up a new patient appointment with one of their physicians that is taking new patients.

  2. Harmony says:

    I was wondering if the clinic does gynecologist checkups because I have a serious problem that needs to be checked out.

    • Yes ma’am we sure do. There is a process to be a patient so come in and get an application. There are also costs associated with pap smears and such. You can call us at 231.1111 or come by our office anytime MON-THUR 8-4:30. Thanks

  3. Desiree Pack says:

    I am new to camden, I work in the evenings but I need to see a dr. about some existing issues, my paper previously is hours away now. and I would like to be seen soon.

  4. Courtney says:

    I do not live in ouachita county, I live in union, but I work in ouachita. Do you have to live in the county to use your clinic? I have no insurance as it is impossible for me to afford at this time. Or is there anywhere in union county like your fcility?

  5. christina c lawrence says:

    Is there another place I can receive dental care? I was told I would be able to come to you for care but I see I have to live in Ouachita County. I live in Cleveland County

  6. Khristy Oden says:

    Donating in honor of our brother n law, Kenneth Gilbert, who loved and gave to kids in need.

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